CS in the Washington Post

I don’t know this person, but City strides being listed in Washington Post seemed like a decently big deal. Wonder how many runners will see mention of citystrides for the first time because of it: https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2024/07/05/dc-runner-every-street/


Thanks for sharing! I’ll get it into the In The News page in the next release.

I was wondering where all these new signups were coming from…


regional and urban planner

I wonder how many CityStriders are urban planners or in related fields (landscape architects/designers, environmental planners, etc.). I know of two: the user profiled in this article and me.

I reckon he should have dropped Barack a note, told him the story and said “can you escort me through your street?” That might have quietened the SS boys.

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Very cool! :sunglasses: I noticed two stray cities are attached to DC. One in MD and one in Canada. Any way to get this cleaned up?

Point Roberts is actually in USA, not Canada. But part of Washington state, som kind of mixup between city and state of Washington?

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I was a landscape architect :grin:

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