Created a Route Builder Demo / Tutorial

I created a video tutorial/demo about how I personally use Route Builder to make routes:


This is useful, thanks.
I notice you download the GPX at the end of the vid. What do you use to follow the route as you go around on the walk, so you are confident you are on track and have hit the nodes?

I make a route in Route Builder, export it and then import it to an app on my phone.
The app is GPX viewer
It shows the route in red and live track in green, so i can see if i missed anything.

I open it in an app called Footpath that delivers audio and visual turn-by-turn navigational cues.

I upload the route to my watch and follow it from there, was a game changer for running

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Before I leave for my run, I open the route page in my browser & push the map to full screen. I’ll also enable live tracking, to show myself on the map as a blue dot (with directional arrow), but I do sometimes need to re-enable this if I’ve been away from the browser for a while.

I’ll have my run tracking app open, with the route page in the background. If I need to refer to it to stay on track, I’ll pull my phone out & switch to the browser. I generally bring my tracking app back to the foreground before putting my phone away again.
I probably don’t need to keep my tracking app in the foreground, but I’m a programmer so I treat these things as the mystical superstitious monsters they are.

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