Coverage in some areas

I am looking at Compeyre, Occitanie - CityStrides and it seems like this area should have many more that just two streets. I am wondering: is that a problem of underlying OSM data, or one of Citystrides not importing it in the right way? Thanks and cheers, dret.

What shows up on OpenStreetMap?

Relation: ‪Compeyre‬ (‪78543‬) | OpenStreetMap is what it looks like. i don’t quite know what to look for, but there certainly are numerous streets that are being shown. does that help in any way?

City Strides only includes streets with names, that seems to be the main problem here. In a quick sample, all streets had no name. I looked at Google Maps, where some streets did have names, so it is probably the case that OSM has incomplete data. Someone with local knowledge should edit it, and then on the next pass of CS street dat import more streets should appear.

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thanks for that insight. it seems odd that having a name is such a fundamental aspect of deciding what’s a street and what isn’t. but it is what it is and of course this will never be a perfect system anyway. thanks again!

The issue is that OSM doesn’t know what a street is. So what James does is define a street as a collection of nodes with the same name in the same city.

No name? No way to connect the nodes.

this is fascinating, and i have not enough knowledge to respond with actual facts. but to me, things like Relation: ‪Kurfürstendamm‬ (‪8796522‬) | OpenStreetMap seem to indicate that there are roads that OSM knows about? but i may be completely wrong and OSM simply may not have the kind of information that you need to reliably identify roads. and i definitely see similarly odd things happening on, which are differently odd, but also look like the platform is having a hard time really nailing down what is and isn’t a road.

I think you are referring to a slightly different issue that CS has (in general) no way of knowing whether 2 OSM ways are part of the same street (in human eyes). There are methods of linking them in OSM, like the one you found, but those are really the exception. Right now, CS lumps all ways with the same name within the same city border together, which is generally correct, but has strange effects for large cities and common street names. On the other hand, there are examples of single streets being separated by whole rivers or towns.