Cost of Mapbox Updates?

You mentioned in another post that you are charged for each time a map is generated by MapBox. Since reading that post, I’ve been studiously ignoring my map. For example, I completed a 15 mile run today, and rather than looking at how it adds to my city I’m waiting until the processing is done.

I’m also worried that the amount I pay you every month isn’t enough to cover the number of times I look at my map.

SO, the important question is: “how much does it cost you each time we look at our map?” And should I increase the amount I pay so you don’t lose money on me?

Also, there’s the more detailed question. If I look at my map, and then I click on a Go To a road, is that a second map, and a second charge? Or does it use the same map as I was originally looking at, so no additional charge?

As you can tell, I’m worried I’m spending your children’s college fund by clicking on your site a lot.

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@fredrik.coulter I think you raise an interesting idea. More times than not, I really don’t care about the map, only street counts, completed and progressed. Maybe @JamesChevalier could cache the map view, and make updates an option? I know quite a bit gets cached on our computers, maybe the fetch, for a fresh update, could be a user controlled (and turned off until we see a new refresh from OSM has occurred on our city (cities) of interest?) option?. Boy, that was a run-on…

If I’m interpreting Mapbox site correctly, it’s 50k loads free and then a cost per 1,000 after that. With almost 30k striders right now I think it would be pretty easy to reach 200k loads a month; likely a good chunk of users barely if ever look at their map but the power users probably make up for them very easily ie average 6-7 loads per user per month. That would mean 150k load cost at $4 per 1k loads = $600 a month.

Based on the Mapbox description, I believe it’s a per webpage load ie if you are on lifemap = one load. If you go to a street page = separate load.

Note: I feel like the load number is much higher but 200k was a round number that made for easy math. Also James may be loading these in a different way than the main type listed by Mapbox and may actually be having to load multiple items from Mapbox each time so take this all with a grain of salt.

Source: Pricing | Mapbox

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