Cooper City, FL Private Roads

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Indian Trail is a gated road - I ran up to the gate
SW 50th St is a gated road - 6 nodes need to be removed
Sheridan St - there is no sidewalk on the south side of the road between N Douglas and N University

You can make these changes yourself on Open Street Map which is the source data / map for City Strides

While Mark is technically correct, it’s also very possible that you’re not interested in learning how to work with OpenStreetMap. That’s valid, regardless of the reason.

For anyone who can help out, here are helpful links…

@saintry17 I have gone through these requests but have just completed the first one. See below for comments on each:

  1. Indian Trail: I have updated this to be marked as access = private
  2. SW 50th Street: I have not made changes as this street runs across the whole town and I am not sure which nodes / which area should be marked as private
  3. Sheridan Street: I have not made changes here because the nodes do not demarcate sidewalk, they pertain to the street. I don’t know what the right change (if any) would be in OSM to address this issue without compromising the OSM data.

You didn’t change access for Indian Trail; you changed access for the entirety of the administrative border of Cooper City to private. You should fix this by reverting the edit in your changeset to the access=* tag of the administrative boundary. You have to click on the way you want to edit before making changes.

The way to do this is to add or change sidewalk info for the road segment(s) for which there are no sidewalks. The OSM Wiki has examples of exactly how to do this. In this case, you’ll use either sidewalk:right or sidewalk:left to add information on missing sidewalks on one side of the road. Each line in OSM has a direction, which can differ from the direction of traffic; with one-way roads, the direction of the way is the same as direction of traffic. In this instance, you’d use sidewalk:right=no.

I don’t know if adding the sidewalk=no tag removes the road segment from CityStrides.

The section of SW 50th St is West of 106th Ave. Two nodes can’t be reached.

I have fixed SW 50th Street.

Sidewalk=no does not impact CS import. Access foot=no will remove it, but many streets are perfectly ok to run even if there is no sidewalk

I would typically agree that most streets are okay to run without a sidewalk but this is a 4 lane road with a 45 mph speed limit. Also, on Sheridan St between NW 89th Ave and N University Drive on the south side there is a small shoulder against a guardail. Definitely not a safe place to be running.

Then it should be foot=no