Construction & other tag filtering

Recently some new developments have been popping up in my area and when possible I’ve been adding them to OSM (if aerial footage is recent enough to draw with). Some of these streets don’t have any signage yet and some are not paved completely; may have curbs done but still dirt road.

Usually the developer has set up a webpage for prospective buyers and if I’m lucky includes a proposed map with street names in it. Since these roads are not complete yet I’ve been adding the streets as highway=construction & construction=residential (or service based on type) as mentioned in this OSM article. I’ve put in my calendar to check on them in a couple months to see if they are done and then remove the construction tag and add street name if new signage is up.

I haven’t add an update for my main city yet since I’ve added these new housing developments to see if they would be included in CS pull but if they are, should they be? There is the possibility the original developer’s plans change or the housing development is put on hold for awhile. IMO would be bad to have included in CS pull because could lead to some striders running in open field hoping to hit nodes of non-existent streets. Wondering others thoughts on the subject.

Related: Some OSM pros may be importing some of these streets from city planning data or elsewhere and that could mean some streets are inserted into OSM before developers even break ground.

I think highway=construction is not included in the import to CS?

Correct, construction is excluded: CityStrides Street Query - Google Sheets

Thanks for the posts - I had the same query, mostly due to streets being created while construction is going on and they are not runnable (or at least not without the risk of a worker chasing be with a shovel). Busy now marking the streets I haven’t been able to complete due to them being construction zones.