Consider Open Sourcing?

Hey James,

My understanding, although please correct me if I am wrong, is that you are not making a profit from running CityStrides, have you considered open sourcing so that members of the community can contribute new features, or run a mirror of the site, if they are so inclined.

I’m aware of the significant cost to you in both time and money this site has, so it would be great if you could offload some of that to the community so we can help you!

If the intent is to make this site into a profitable business then I completely understand and feel free to ignore this :slight_smile:

:rofl: Looks like he is growing quite a bit. Frankly if he gets the Garmin and other connectors figured out and some usability issues (basically a cleaner more useful landing/homepage that highlight the features) and bugs fixed I don’t see why this wouldn’t be a great example of a pretty profitable SAAS service. Nothing more motivating than seeing your baby grow and be more successful either!


Agree w/ Dallas. This is the more fun software project I’ve ever had the pleasure of paying for.


Sure, just to make it clear, I’m fully supportive of the idea of making this a for-profit business and would be happy if it was a paid service. As I said in my OP, this can be ignored if that’s the intent.

But my understanding is that the current contributions pay the server fees and not much more, if the plan is to keep it non-profitable then allowing other people to contribute new features (such as a Garmin integration) would be great for allowing the site to develop further.