Completed Street showing as incomplete

Hi. I have completed all the nodes but it’s still showing as incomplete. Why is it? And how can it be fixed?

Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 8.11.24 AM

Your account is private, so I can’t view it directly (that’s ok - no need to change your privacy levels). Is this still the case?


Yes it is. I also just changed the privacy levels. Also those aren’t the only streets.

Ah, ok - this is the issue where the actual count of Nodes for a street is less than the cached count on the street itself. I see the city was updated on February 15, so I think this confirms that both street and node counts are still not being updated during city updates.

Thanks for reporting this - I’ll continue debugging …

Ah ok. well if it helps you, when I ran these streets I couldn’t finish them because it turned into a private street. When I had asked you guys about it you guys told me about OSM. And I changed those sections into private, but had already finished running them. However I noticed another street with I made a section private and had not finished it at the time did mark it as complete after I finished the street this past Sunday.

OK, I think I’ve found the core issue and fixed that up (I do need to release this updated code, though, so other cities/streets with the same issue will still have it until I do that release).
Things are started to look good again. :sweat_smile:

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the same thing for me for:
Piazzetta Sopra i Ponti Piazzetta Sopra i Ponti in Arezzo, Toscana - CityStrides
Arezzo, Toscana, Italy

There are 18 nodes in road summary but in the map there are only 8 (all green) and I have covered them all several times but it remains incomplete in my list. Is there a solution?
Thank you!!!


Yes, this is resolved for cities updated after February 23rd. Updates on February 23, 2021

Thank you James,
so, since arezzo was updated on january 31, do I have to wait for next city update and then this road will be okay on my map?

Yeah, but it’s not too much effort for me to force a city update, so I did that for Arezzo - it should be cleaned up soon (some minutes/hour).

Great! Thank you!!!

I just did a very hilly street in San Francisco, and two nodes (one at the very top of a steep hill) are still red even though the GPS line runs right through it. I have in general noticed more red nodes the last 10 days or so on intersections that I definitely passed through. On Saturday, a corner I passed through twice is marked red, but I will pass through that corner at least one more time.

This can happen is your gpx that’s uploaded, has not enough gps point in the file. Sometimes gps registration is nog every second but only when there is a change in course. Then you don’t have a gps point near enough to the node to be flagged as ‘completed’.

This option is called Smart recording on Garmin watches. So not a good idea to use when node hunting on a straight street!

Interesting. I did change the app I’m using to track recently, so they may capture fewer points.

You’ve got so many fun hills coming up soon! Around Mt. Davidson, Noe Valley & the streets named after countries going east towards McLaren Park in Excelsior were some of my favorites when I lived in the city.

Yes, I have part of Noe done but many more fun ones to go. Going down a 20+% grade isn’t any more fun than going up!

Got the same Problem here in Bremen, Germany. Is it possible to fix? By the way: CityStrides is great, thank you!