% completed of the city


I just started using Citystrides. I was already longer looking for an application that could show me how many percentage of a city I completed while running. I already used Wandrer.earth for biking. Wandrer.earth also puts some statistics with your activity on Strava automatically (like in the picture). Is this also something Citystrides does?


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Citystrides does not touch the original activity in Strava/Garmin/Mapmyrun/other. There is a twitter integration that does do some milestones though. See https://community.citystrides.com/t/new-connect-twitter/

Well on each of your cities, you will see this, which does show a percentage for that city:


So, if you kept track of your before (a run) percentage, then your after (a run) percentage, you could get the percentage for that run.

But I agree, it would be kinda cool to see it for each activity here, especially since you could hit multiple cities on a single run.

I suggest you put this in the IDEAS forum.