% Complete based on Manual completion vs Actual Completion

I prefer that there be some way to see rankings for % complete for a town that is only based on streets manually completed. There are some “streets” in the town of Maynard, MA that are nearly impossible to do but I refuse to mark them manually complete. I noticed that for some of them, users simply marked them manually complete which pushes them up in the rankings. I have a lot more respect for folks who have fought through getting streets the hard way.


Can you share a link to one of those streets?

This one is called Ben Smith Dam which is a dam across the Assabet River

This one is the FEMA site in Maynard which is surrounded by a barbed wire fence and has a 24x7 staffed guard shack.

The Quirk Well Site is the one that I’m trying to do now by bushwhacking through the woods

This one is called Skeet and is the shotgun shooting range at the Maynard Rod & Gun club. I tried to do it last winter after a snow storm since I could tell no one was out there due to the freshly fallen snow. I missed one node!

There is also another one simply titled Maynard Rod & Gun club the included the Skeet shooting area:

There are a few near a solar farm with lots of No Trespassing and warnings about High Voltage. I have avoided this one:

This one is really similar to the solar farm as the solar farm is built on an old landfill:

These are all in Maynard MA. The 31 streets I have left are all very similar to these.


Those aren’t streets; they’re glitches. I would flag them for removal as non-streets. Sounds like you’ve already run all of the actual streets in Maynard.

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I have flagged most of them but some are achievable even though they are not traditional streets.

Like you @davelapierre, I refuse to manually complete even “non street” streets. I’m 1-3 percentage points away from completing Watertown, Waltham, and Belmont, all because of these non-streets. Over half the town of Lincoln, MA is non-street areas. Some nodes are in swamps and are just not worth going after. When I think they are achievable by bushwhacking I go to https://www.gmap-pedometer.com/. In the upper right corner, change the map view to OSM. Zoom in to the area you are trying to complete. In the box on the left, switch the draw route to manually (straight lines) and trace around the area you’re trying to complete. Then switch to satellite view and you can try to plan your route around visable landmarks. It doesn’t always work, such as the case with your Quirk Well Site, but you’ll see that the Rod & Gun Club can be outlined.

I’m glad to see there are other crazy folks out there as me. Good luck!

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In my home city (Washington DC) someone has seemed to figure out how to mark all flagged streets manually. Although only a handful of streets were actually run by this strider, the completed percentage has jumped to 25% (744 out of about 3000), which leaps to 2nd on the list of striders for the District.

This ranking seems unreasonable to me, so I want to bump this idea of %complete actual vs manual. Or perhaps exclude striders from rankings if manual vs actual completion exceeds a certain ratio.