Compiled "Community" Map of All Striders in a City

Flipping through the Lifemaps of the other striders in my city (Calgary, Canada), I thought of seeing a combined lifemap, showing everything done by the striders in the city, one total “Community” Map.


  • Super neat-o to see it all compiled
  • Potential motivator: being the first strider to run a street (possible to figure out other ways of course, but different, quicker view provided by this feature)
  • Would provide ‘global heatmap’ like what Strava shows here


  • I assume it would be computationally difficult
  • Might not be that interesting for cities with many striders; may just end up being a normal map of streets and paths but they’re all coloured purple
  • Heatmap feature would be redundant with other sites

Perhaps something like Node Hunter, but with undiscovered nodes colored according to rarity?