Combining MapMyRun and Garmin data

Hello folks and Happy New Year! Does anyone know if I can combine MapMyRun an Garmin data on my life map. I seem to only have the option of viewing one set of data at a time. I basically want to use my Garmin watch to collect data going forward without losing all the historical MapMyRun data on my life map.

Many thx

Hi MarkR, on your ‘Settings’ page there should be an option to connect other trackers. I am in exactly your situation - I logged runs on my phone through MapMyRun for years until I got my first Garmin watch, and I synced my MapMyRun data but paused that thereafter. Right now my CityStrides only actively pulls from Garmin.

Hi Kevin

Many thx for your quick response. Yes, I can connect with either Garmin or MapMyRun but can then only see the data associated with each tracker. I am hoping that there is a way to see both together on the map. Maybe someone e has found a genius way of doing so :slight_smile:


I could be wrong, but when you log out/log back in you can connect with a different tracker, and then do a ‘history sync’ (see image above) to load your past runs into CS. This may be a feature only for paid users, I’m not sure what the interface looks like on the free side - but I can say the paid features are well worth the $5/month if you are enjoying the service!

MarkR -

My guess is that you originally set up Garmin after originally only having MMR. If you weren’t logged into CityStrides when you set up the Garmin sync, instead of adding a second service to your account it set up an entirely new and separate account. I think @JamesChevalier has fixed that for people in the past, but not sure how long it takes.

Thx both. I’ll persevere as well as contacting the central team.

Many thx!

Problem is that I have inadvertently created a second account. Hopefully James can help.

Thx again.