Combining Data from MapMyRun and Garmin

Hello folks and Happy New Year! Does anyone know if I can combine MapMyRun an Garmin data on my life map. I seem to only have the option of viewing one set of data at a time. I basically want to use my Garmin watch to collect data going forward without losing all the historical MapMyRun data on my life map.

Many thx

If you can only see runs from one data source, it appears you’ve created two different accounts. I’m not sure if the two accounts can be combined. Post a message in the Support group and see what response you get.

Generally what you are supposed to do is create one account using the login credentials for one data source. Then, from within that account, you add the other data source to your single account. Then you’ll see all of your runs in one place.

Many of us who use Garmin devices have done just that. Garmin devices are relatively new to this site. If you had a Garmin, you cycled the data through Strava (in my case) or some other site. That data then was brought into CityStrides. However, once the direct connection to Garmin was created, many of us moved our connection to Garmin. Now my account has my data from both sources in one place.

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Also worth noting is that the various* sources can be paused on the setting page. However, don’t ever revoke access, unless you also want that data deleted from CS.

Note: I know this is true for Strava and Garmin, however I have not used mapmyrun or runkeeper, so am not sure if the pause option is on those too.

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thx both. I’ll contact the central Support team.


Problem is that I have inadvertently created a second account. Hopefully James can help.

Thx again.

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