Clicking on map labels

It would convenient to switch to city view whenever you click a city’s name on the map, like Google maps does. Maybe this could be extended to street names?

I like the idea of street names (too). Would be super neat to then see what city (cites) the street is part of, and see the nodes.

CS has little, if any control over what appears on the maps. The base map is taken from another web service which produces the graphics based on whenever they’ve last updated from OpenStreetMaps. CityStrides then adds the purple walks and the nodes to that information.

In other words, CS doesn’t even know what you’re clicking on if you don’t click on a node or an actual walk. So it would be extremely difficult to go to a city (assuming one exists) when you click on the city name. (And many times, the name on the map is a neighborhood that doesn’t exist in CityStrides, so there would be no place to send you.)

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I would have thought that you could create a mapbox template that adds a specific style to place names (city and or streets) that creates an URL with the city or street ID.

similarly (and probably a much simpler task), I would love an option to minimize or close the city menu (uncompleted, completed, striders) so that the city view was maximized on my phone.

When I click to a city on the site using Chrome on my Android phone, one of the icons on the right side of the screen has four arrows pointing in four different directions. This gives me a full screen of the map. Does that not work for you?

(To get back to the uncompleted, completed, and striders, the icon with four arrows now all point to the center of the icon.)

Yes! Thanks for that.