Clearing nodes

Have three areas where I am at 99% with the ones left to complete on Private inaccessible driveways that are gated. How can I clear these. Thanks so much

The quick fix is to mark these streets as “manually completed” (only works if you’re not using hard mode).

The proper way is to edit those streets in openstreetmap. I’m no expert there myself, so someone with more osm experience would have to chime in; I guess labeling them as “access=private” should be fine. Then you’ll have to wait for citystrides to update the city, and the missing nodes will be gone. The advantage of this way is that it’ll fix the issue not only for yourself but for all striders, and improve the data quality of osm in general.

As you can give me address data, normally it’s a quick fix in OSM

Hi Mate,

The first one to test would be Walters Road, 9 nodes which comes under the Laleston Cymru/ Wales Uk

It’s a private drive to some church that’s locked constantly.

Thanks so much

When I look at that street in Google Maps it’s called Celestial Way, and Walters Road is located a bit north, off St Leonards Rd. So is OSM all wrong here?

Hi mate, Yeah I noticed that too, its frustrating. But that is the correct place. Its like you can go far then its all gated up for the church of Jesus Christ.

Thanks in advance for your help

I was also trying to mark it off manually but it says it been completed by a private strider so was obv someone visiting the church on the 2/3 days a year it must be open

It seems it’s only the last three nodes that are private, and that you miss? I can see Alex Kamal set those to private just now. I can also see in the OSM history this road was originally Celestian Way, but was changed two years ago, probably by mistake, so I now renamed it

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