Clean slate, no strava history, only future

we are attempting to run a city as a group- is there a way to have naked (non historical, ie starting at our start date) map that only uploads new strava data, is there a way to enter in mapping manually? is there a way to have a group?
So excited about this site!!!

This sounds like two existing requests:

  1. Ability to view a map/city progress within a certain time period (just a month, or between two dates, or after a specific date, etc)
  2. Ability to run a city as a group

:+1: I like it! Do you have any other details / corrections for my description above?

Much more articulately said, thank you
yes 1., yes 2. and 3rd question is there anyway to manually enter route run (for those of us without GPS/strava)

Is this something that is possible?

also thanks for your prompt reply :slight_smile:

Sorry, there’s no way to manually enter activities (yet?)… to be honest, this is fairly low on my list as well.

Roger that, I know you have a lot on your plate. I will watch for future roll outs re:1 and 2

I do that many times (manually plot a chart) to upload old walks/runs, just define them in runkeeper and then it is synchonised with citystrides.

Thanks, it seems like that works sometimes but other times LONG delay or not at all

Hhmmm, can you share your profile link here? I can try to force a sync to see if that brings in activities that haven’t made it into CityStrides yet…

Thanks! Is this what you need?

Perfect! Thanks!
Let’s see how things look in a few hours…

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so can we do this yet? I’d like to run every road in Durango in 2019, but how do I clear the slate??

I can see you have Strava.
I would make a new account called Durango2019 at RunKeeper and transfer only the runs that are for Durango2019.

A group of us are wanting to run all our city streets this summer. This is how I came across your website. Does the functionality exist to view runs from a certain time frame only. Awesome site.

what I did was create a unique strava account, not sync it to my garmin, but instead import each GPX from my garmin manually, it only takes a second but then you can control the dates included.

ok, thanks

Hi there! Would you mind expanding on this a bit for someone who is not tech-savvy at all? I have already done two runs for my Every Single Street project and was hoping there was a way to limit the time frame. But it seems like there isn’t a simple way, but perhaps your solution will work for me. If I create a separate Strave account just for this, can I upload the two runs I did (manually) to that account and do so going forward? If so, how does one “import a GPX”?


  1. Export a GPX file for each activity you want mapped (on Strava: 3 dot symbol on activity page > export)
  2. Log out of CityStrides
  3. Create new Strava account
  4. Import activities on Strava (on Strava: top-right plus symbol, upload file(s))
  5. Log in CityStrides with your new Strava account and only your selected activities will be synced