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I have a page where I collect stories that mention CityStrides: CityStrides In The News :newspaper:

If you’ve been featured in a story that mentions CityStrides, or if you’ve spotted a story about CityStrides, please share the link here so I can add it to the page. :raised_hands:

Did anyone in the Vancouver area catch the Global News story this morning? They were profiling a PoCo city councilperson who had run every street in Coquitlam, PoCo, and Port Moody, using an “app”, and then they mentioned CityStrides.
Chris Gailus: wow, I’ll bet not many people have done that.
Me: oh, you fool, you have NO IDEA!

@JamesChevalier, might want to be prepared for an influx of new members!


I bet it was Teri Towner! She tweeted about it the other day.

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Saw that a strider made it on to the BBC website (although no links back here)

Well done @michaelgshanks!


Thanks Mike! Not for the want of trying - I mentioned City Strides several times in interviews! There’s a longer video piece coming out from the BBC next week at some point which I’m certain includes a reference.


Congratulations Michael! An amazing achievement. I hope you can enjoy a bit of a rest before you find your next challenge :slight_smile: I definitely felt a little lost and unfocused until I figured out my next project.



Haha, my neighbour sent me the BBC news item above: “this is what you’ve been up to as well, right?”

Congrats, Michael!


A screen shot of part of my LifeMap made it onto a local newspaper story about my ESS experience: Runner's quest will take him down every street in Tulsa


Well done Mike, that’s a great interview - the BBC interviewed me after I completed my last street of Sheffield, I could hardly string a sentence together! Jim

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