CityStides as a PWA

Any change we might be able to get full PWA support for the site? I believe all that would be needed would be to add a service worker, so I would think it would be a pretty quick add for basic support. CityStrides community already has full PWA support, but it would be great to have it in the main site as well. Currently doing “add to home screen” in chrome just adds a link to the site.

This would make the app on my home screen not have the Chrome badge on it, and would add the option to do other things like add a custom offline page, control cached files, have some app functionality while offline, etc.

I’ve been using it as a PWA for about a day, now. It seems to work fine. I haven’t built anything to take advantage of its “PWAness”, though. I’m unsure, offhand, what would be useful.

One interesting aspect is the lack of a back button. I don’t regularly use it, so it’s not problematic for me.