City Updates not working properly

Just noticed this: Solna kommun Hans Westerback is running Solna kommun, Stockholms län - CityStrides
There is one street that has been partly closed off due to construction works (the middle part) for a couple of years now
Järva Skjutbaneväg - CityStrides
But it has just been opened, and on Sep 3 this was updated in OSM Way: ‪Järva Skjutbaneväg‬ (‪25412096‬) | OpenStreetMap
But Solna kommun was updated to CS today, Sep 5, and the change has been imported. The middle part is still shown as runnable in CS (there should be nodes at the intersections)

This street was also not mentioned in my notification mail as an updated street
( The reason I discovered this missed update is that in a ”competing street hunting application” I was suddenly not at 100% for Solna anymore)
This is probably the same thing that I mentioned in Mismatch nested and parent city, then I thought it was somehow connected to parent/nested cities, but this one, Solna kommun, is not nested, so there seems to be something else involved

I suspect it was just a data lag between OSM & the Overpass service I use. Edits in OSM are not immediately available via Overpass - it can lag by various amounts of time. Right now it’s serving up data from 2023-09-02T20:19:00Z

I checked the Overpass query to see what it’s returning now & I see that section of Ways is included in the response. I queued up a sync for the city, so that should fix it up. It’s just going to take a while, because I’m currently running code to add the length to each street record.

Haven’t seen any change in CS for Solna kommun yet, but maybe these other km updates take very long time. I’ll keep an eye on it…