City updated from OSM but nodes aren't deleted

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Manitou Springs, CO was recently updated from OSM, but I still have three streets that are still marked as incomplete. A while back, I edited the streets in OSM to mark the appropriate portions private.

Based on these screenshots, it seems like the update from OSM was successful, but the nodes weren’t updated to match:

The street names are Geneva Trail, Marbeck Road, and Panorama Place.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I think you need to have patience and the update run comes by in the loop.

This looks strange, I can see you edited OSM late August, and Manitou Springs was update on Nov 8 into CS. So these nodes should really have gone away by now, I think @JamesChevalier need to check this one
(Joey, that the map and road is updated in the screen shots is because the map itself is fetched from Mapbox, at a different schedule, but that is just a visual thing that does not affect the CS count. It often happens before the OSM->CS update of nodes)

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@petje Thanks, I should have mentioned that I edited OSM and waited for the update to the city a couple months later.

@hans1 That’s what I was thinking too, I’ve seen James queue up some updates like this. And good to know about Mapbox!

I have a similar issue with nodes on a private section of road not updating after editing in OSM. This is for Cyril Owen Pl in Saanich, British Columbia, Canada.

You can see Cyril Owen Pl partially completed street in this activity, when the street should be completed: Philip H's activity on November 26, 2022 - CityStrides

In this case it looks like the ways in OSM were only updated 15 days ago but the city in CityStrides was last updated on October 23rd. You can see the date a city was last updated on the city page: Saanich, British Columbia - CityStrides. Keep in mind the map itself is sourced from Mapbox which updates separately and much more frequently than CS. So there can be a discrepancy depending on the time you update OSM and the time Mapbox and CS each update.

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@hphilipj It looks like our issues are pretty much the same. Has yours been resolved yet?

Yes, it was resolved after the OSM data was uploaded to city strides - took 2 months of waiting.

Gotcha, thanks - maybe our issues were slightly different then. I waited for the CityStrides to update the city from OSM and that still didn’t fix it.

Looks like another update fixed it! Not sure why the first OSM update didn’t, but now I’m at 100% again.

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