City update deleted a street just created

Just seen that Guildford has been updated.

Guildford was updated on 2023-12-12

0 Created Streets
1 Deleted Street

Oddly it has deleted Oldlands Drive which is a new street I had only created recently and was added to CS last week and taken out this!

This is the main part of it in OSM Way: ‪Oldlands Drive‬ (‪1227679883‬) | OpenStreetMap
Can’t see why it has been excluded?

Here it is on the new (less clear IMHO) CS map. Looks perfectly normal there but now “excluded” or private roads don’t show any differently. I definitely have not marked it as private in OSM.

It’s tough to say why this happened in the last update. Reviewing the timestamps for the Overpass server I connect with shows that it’s up to date as of yesterday (2023-12-11T10:23:30Z) and it’s returning one of the two Way records in its response

It’s possible for these servers to lag, though they usually only lag by up to a day or so. I also know that they have several servers behind a load balancer, so it’s also possible to receive different results for the same query - again, that’s not typical but it can happen.

Hopefully it reappear next update. I did try an update in Street Ferret and it picked it up.

I forgot to name a little bit at the top right so did that today so will be a good test to see if has picked everything up next time.

Just had a similar one happen in Waverley
Recently (11 days ago in fact) an OSM mapper added Upper Birtley Way: ‪Upper Birtley‬ (‪54638883‬) | OpenStreetMap
so I went an ran it on Saturday and made a few corrections and also added the adjacent Upper Birtley South
In the Waverley update today, Upper Birtley got deleted and Upper Birtley South did not appear.

So it is almost as if CS updater is “looking” at the situation about 2 weeks ago before Upper Birtley was even added. Very odd…

I mentioned this in a thread in the Water Station chat, but didn’t think to update here as well:

I just recently I noticed a very lagged Overpass server
I reached out to the company that runs the servers to let them know about it, so I’m hoping that they fix that up soon … until then, we just might have some delayed updates (or, in some really odd cases, one update might run with a current server & the next might run with a lagged server which could cause some data to ‘reverse’)

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