City shape in CityStrides not quite like official or OSM

So here is Granbury, TX: Granbury, Texas - CityStrides

The Northeast part of Granbury does not match what is on the city’s official map page, ArcGIS Web Application (you will have to check the box and click agree to see the unobstructed map), or what is in OSM, Relation: ‪Granbury‬ (‪113494‬) | OpenStreetMap .

It’s not that big of deal, as I’m on the shapefile learning curve ( Help adding a CDP to OpenStreetMap ), but when I noticed this, thought I would bring it up.

But then came across this, Map background change? - #4 by JamesChevalier , so perhaps the new map provider is the culprit?

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The city borders are not automatically updated from OpenStreetMap. I’ll queue up a job to update Granbury - thanks for reporting!

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Great! Now I don’t have to run to Cresson! Thank you James!
PS. Though Cresson is on my “to run” list.

I wasn’t entirely clear in my reply - it’s just the border that doesn’t get updated. All the underlying street/node data is updated - so your list of incomplete streets would not have included anything in that removed area.

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I understood that. Already ran the new part of the city, so when it updates I should still be 100%. Thank you!