City progress incorrect / Completed street count decreasing

I see, surprised that so many cities are really active!

Not sure if this is the same issue but since a few days ago I seem to have got a lot of incomplete streets that are complete - see below for an example. I do have some streets that I think extra nodes have been added to and actually I have just missed chunks so I will go back and do those, but this one for example very much looks complete!

Based on your pic, I’d say that is more a GPS issue. The line that goes through the red nodes is completely straight. That means that your device recorded a GPS location at each end; but none in between. A straight line is drawn between them to connect them. If those red nodes are over 25m from those two GPS locations, it’s like you took a giant hop over them and thus why they aren’t marked as complete. I’d recommend checking the recording rate of your device. Example: Is it recording a new GPS location every 5 seconds, every 1 sec, etc. The higher the record rate, the more likely the GPS path is to have more spots to check against. Higher record rate will likely also drain your device’s battery quicker so it’s a bit of a trade off.

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Thanks Marty - that’s really interesting, and something I’ve never considered because it wasn’t an issue to get me to 100% before! I wonder what has changed with City Strides that it has only now become incomplete?

The streets that were 100% complete (that were saying incomplete) have been correctly placed back in the “completed” section. Now I’ve got several streets that are 99.whatever% that are no longer counted as complete because there’s one node missing. Has that been changed?

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I’m not sure if I did this right. I just manually completed about 40 streets that are one node short of being completed because I’m impatient.

Here’s another

As an update in case it’s broadly helpful, I had a city update sometime in the past month that knocked me from 100% to 99.39% because a pedestrian road was updated in OSM to be a bit longer than I’d run previously. I re-ran it yesterday and uploaded the activity to CityStrides today. The activity from January 20th says “0 Completed, 0 Progressed” but the (nested) city went to 100% and the formerly missing street says it was completed on January 20th, 2023…

Interesting, Lochburn Rd seems to pass under an aquaduct, so it’s like a tunnel. If that’s the case, you probably lost GPS in the tunnel, That explains the straight line between two points outside of the tunnel

In the past few days I’m seeing my total completed street count reduce each day. It was 9091 a few days ago and I’ve completed 20+ new streets since then. Today I’m down to 9010 total. Could it be that the recalculations of cities are using a different criteria than before?

Blockquote The recalculation did not use hard mode rules

Are you sure about that? It seems that I have only ‘completed’ streets in Amsterdam that were updated in the city update if they are at 100%. E.g. 99.73% does not make it complete (I am not at hard mode).

Will be easier to check if you give some examples of such streets

Spitballing here. Would it make sense to keep track of how recently someone ran in a city? Basically when someone runs in city x, mark it in the db (only the most recent one). If nobody ran since the last update, give it a lower updating priority. My gut feeling says there are quite some that are essentially not being actively run, idk if that is something you can easily check in the database. One of those lower priority places then maybe skips an update cycle or two. Of course, if your city updating now indeed would only be a 2 week cycle, then maybe this optimisation does not matter any more. (but could be something to keep in mind in the future)

Good point, thanks.

A “new” street that I already ran, and is now completed: Nieuwevaartkade - CityStrides
An updated street that I have run all the nodes, and is thus complete: Zandpad-Driemond - CityStrides
An updated street with 417 nodes, of which I have run 99.52%, and is not completed: Geerdinkhof - CityStrides
Similar, 98.61% of 287 nodes: Zuiderzeeweg - CityStrides

Just adding that I am suffering the same, but it seems to be slowly rectifying. Leicester went down from 100% for me yesterday, telling me that 19 streets were undone, but that number is now 17. Blaby went down from 100% today by 3, but now I am just two short.

@JamesChevalier is there any chance that the updates had an impact on manually completed roads?

I have a lot of new incomplete roads. Some look legit but a few of them look like they are streets I had to mark manually because a node was inaccessible.

If i had a street that was unrunnable (private roads etc.), i would change this in OSM, mark as manual complete, and the next city update would make all iun sync again. So manual marked streets that become private for instance, automatically are erased form the dB.

I did do this frequently. Likely missed a few and this is a good way to correct the ones I missed.

Even so, the question is about could the city update negate the previously marked manually complete.

Chicago just got updated… I lost like 40 streets from my total and there’s definitely some nodes that are inaccessible. Was the distance to node changed too?

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@brianrburgess I just noticed the same as of today. Chicago went from 2,200 to 2,195 streets (maybe from updates on openstreetmap?) But the top two runners lost 3% of their completed streets which amounts to about 60 streets.