City of Chester (UK) Update Problem

It looks as if you updated what used to be the CityStrides city of “Cheshire West and Chester” in the UK in the last few hours. I’ve had a load of notifications of progress in different villages, eg Kirsty Darbyshire is running Great Boughton, England - CityStrides but it looks as if “City of Chester” itself didn’t get included and the streets there don’t count for anything any more as the original county sized city has been removed. Walks that showed as completing streets in Cheshire West yesterday show 0 streets completed now. E.g. I know this walk Kirsty Darbyshire's activity on March 10, 2024 - CityStrides completed about 5 streets.

Relation: ‪City of Chester‬ (‪1441701‬) | OpenStreetMap looks to be the boundary on OpenStreetMap that’s missing on CityStrides.

I do very much appreciate you working on creating the smaller “cities” though!

Oh, I should probably add that the issue might be related to the tiny district of Chester Castle which is nested inside City of Chester and has about 100m of public road/path within it. Way: 583583340 | OpenStreetMap

(It would be entirely reasonable to amalgamate this with the City of Chester for CityStrides purposes btw, I certainly don’t want to get my first 100% city on such an oddity!)

I was surprised to see I’d completed100% Chester Castle too, this morning by walking 0.06 miles.

FYI - Chester Castle was founded by William the Conqueror in 1070 and became the administrative centre of the earldom of Chester, maybe a map needs updating as things have changed a bit since then :thinking:

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Yes, I just poked around a bit more and found that Chester Castle had been included in CityStrides and I’ve 100%'d it too. Chester Castle, England - CityStrides :woman_shrugging:t2:

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It’s in there - City of Chester, England - CityStrides - it just got bit by the new zero-street bug. I’ll get it updated today.


Fab, all there now! Thanks James!