City of Braga in Portugal is undefined

Visiting Braga this weekend and racking up wayyyyy too many streets per mile run because each neighborhood is listed as a city when they should be nested in Braga, which I didn’t see in the City list. Here is what I believe should be the city boundaries from OSM (“Município de Braga”, Admin level 7): Relation: ‪Braga‬ (‪4115866‬) | OpenStreetMap

I imported Portugal so that everything at admin level 6 was entered as a region, and everything at admin level 8 was entered as a city. As far as I’m aware, this has largely been the correct decision - let me know if there are other places that also seem incorrect: Portugal - CityStrides

I see a number of other admin level 7 places in Braga - overpass turbo (click the top left “Run” button, then you might need to click the magnifying glass button on the map to zoom to the data) - so it has me wondering if there are other similar places that need correcting… Do those admin level 7 places also look like cities?

I think what you did so far in other parts of Portugal is ‘most appropriate’, it usually results in these units being incorporated at the ‘conselho’ (english analog, county) level. Cities would be too small because there are too few true cities, as I say in my OP the next admin level down incorporates outlying villages of the conselho of Braga and neighborhoods of the municipality of Braga as equal units, which they aren’t. So here in the region of Braga it makes more sense to incorporate the admin level 7 units as cities and everything higher as nested in those admin level 7 units - that would be consistent with the other areas I’ve run in the center and south of the country.

On a broader analysis of the country, the more rural counties containing many small villages are incorporated at the county level but as a result when there are actual cities within the counties they are also in the county level. A USA analogy is when a city is incorporated at the county level, like San Diego CA or Jacksonville FL. Here I think that’s better than having a bunch of city neighborhoods intermingled with small or tiny villages as ‘city’ units for CS purposes, even though for me personally it decreases my street count. But it’s weird that it’s only different here in Braga…hope these thoughts are coherent to help you understand what’s going on in this country.

As a corollary, check the page you linked for the regions of Portugal - one of these things (Braga) is not like the others, it has way more ‘cities’ than the others which are not of vastly different sizes or population densities (overall, not individually)!

So I should stick with just Braga, and bring in all admin level 7 places into that region.
For reference, here’s an interactive list (click the top left “Run” button, then you might need to click the magnifying glass button on the map to zoom to the data)

Should these admin level 8 places ( Braga, Portugal - CityStrides ) exist in CityStrides at all? I can remove them if they’re not relevant as cities.

I think they should, they’re fregeusias (closest English analog is neighborhoods or boroughs), defined administrative units with borders and everything. They’re subunits of the concelhos and should be nested in them as such.

Here’s an example of one: Real, Dume e Semelhe - Wikipedia ; Real, Dume e Semelhe, Braga - CityStrides