City Mol -private road referred to as public road

In the city Mol in Belgium are 2 roads partly private.

Boeretang en vlasmeer. Both streets are partly private (industrial areas).

below I have added a photo of both streets which part is private.

I hope you can change this on citystrides so we can walk/run 100% in Mol.

These changes need to be made in OpenStreetMap (OSM). CityStrides uses OSM street data to create nodes (the red & purple dots). Once the changes are made in OSM, they will be picked up by CityStrides the next time it pulls updates for the city. See below for OSM basics.

Iv’e made the changes. So next update of the city Mol will delete your tagged roads

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De Meer in Mol is also partly private road. the piece of road with the red spheres is private. Thanks