City completion within a time period - Challenges

Hi - Love the concept of the site and definitely keen to get using this more.

I’d really appreciate a challenge type functionality - so for me I’d love to aim to run every street in Portsmouth within the next 6 months for instance. Would be great if this could be supported.

If it already is apologies - Would be keen to know the steps to do this :slight_smile:

I am aware this can be done for the map, I’m talking more about the % completion element

Yeah, Challenges are a Supporter feature … I haven’t built the page to showcase that feature yet :sweat_smile:

It’s linked from the top left menu - Challenges - CityStrides

The list of features I have documented is available at Supporter Features - CityStrides

Ah perfect, thank you! I had glanced at the challenges but I assumed that was me vs others - I didn’t realise I could do a solo city challenge through it :smiley:

I appreciate all the work you’ve put into this.