City Completion stats tab on City page

I really like the city completion email and the little calculated stats it shares, but currently that info only lives in my email archive. For cities I finished a long time ago it’s buried. I think it’d be cool if there was a tab on each city page with the following info:

  • total streets
  • total miles/kms
  • date of user’s first activity in this city
  • user’s cumulative activities in this city
  • user’s cumulative mileage/kms in this city
  • date of user’s 100% completion activity in this city

Furthermore, it’d be nice if this tab was continually updated while working on a city until 100%, but if that consumes too much resources it’d be fine for it to only be ‘unlocked’ upon achieving 100%.

The far right tab on the city page displays some of this. I can add some stats to it - this is a nice list.

Update: After a quick review, I noticed all of these stats are already on the page.
Total streets/distance of a city is at the top of the page.
Start date, total activities, total distance are all in that stats tab.
I don’t have the completion date & won’t have it until/unless I do a drastic overhaul of the underlying data (the short version is that at the time of processing that percentage complete stat, I have no visibility of the activities in question).

I also changed the completion emails (along with a bunch of other emails) to be notifications … So instead of just an email being sent, it also creates a notification record in the CityStrides database which is linked from the top right menu as well as the hopping bell icon if you have any unread.
There’s a whole pile of improvements I could make to that notifications setup, so if you have any ideas specific to that I would prefer that you open a new thread instead of adding to this one.

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I forgot that was there after the redesign! Thanks for correcting me.

:+1: I’ll hold off a bit before closing this, in case there are any other ideas for additional stats.

Just a question on this data, number of activities, how is this defined? Is it all activities that have touched this city at all? Like if I run the same course five times in a city, will that count as five on this. Summary page? And once I’m at 100% complete, will the activity count stop, or increase if I run there again?

I believe it’s only counting activities that completed a new node. Not sure how that is affected by Hard Mode, ie, if you completed a city normally and later switched to Hard Mode, if you then have additional activities that contributed between 90-100% of a street’s nodes.

The relevant activities are any of those that complete a node in the city. Once a node is complete, it can’t be “re-completed”.
As a very unrealistic but clear example, if you have a run you do regularly that always touches exactly and only the same 10 nodes on 1 street - that would count as 1 activity even if you have run that same route 1,000 times.
The inversely unrealistic example is also true - if you complete all but 1 node of your city in 1 activity, and then run 1 more activity that happens to complete that 1 node then your stats would read as 2 activities.

Also, Hard Mode is not relevant for this - it has nothing to do with whether the related streets are complete or not, it’s entirely based on the nodes.


Thanks, that makes it crystal clear😁