City boundaries of Nuuk (capital of greenland) is incorrect

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Is it possible to fix the city boundaries of Nuuk (the capital of Greenland) ?
The city boundaries are way off and the actual city is not even included (the city is found a bit more to the west)

I’m moving there and would really love to grab all the streets in the city.
As far as I can see, almost all of the cities in Greenland are actually missing.

Yeah, it’s because things aren’t mapped properly in OpenStreetMap :slightly_frowning_face:

There’s a node for Nuuk Node: ‪Nuuk‬ (‪992046822‬) | OpenStreetMap

And there’s this relation (which is what’s in CityStrides) Relation: ‪Nuuk‬ (‪36832‬) | OpenStreetMap

I can’t use the node because I need the boundary for the query & that relation seems to be the best option I have.

Creating/editing cities in OSM is well outside my area of comfort. There seem to be some members of our community who can handle that level of edits, so posting this here was your best move…

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Short of mapping the cities it might be an option to import the municipalities (Administrative divisions of Greenland - Wikipedia). These are mapped in OSM, and are also the lowest admin level in Grönland, as far as I can tell. Admittedly, it makes for pretty epic “cities”, but it would be an easy way to bring in Nuuk.

Yeah, I’ve imported each of those as the “Region” level in CityStrides - Kalaallit Nunaat - CityStrides with each of the cities coming from admin level 8.

Something looks fishy at the city level, some cities show up in several regions, and they don’t correspond geographically to the regions :thinking:.

Creating boundaries might actually be pretty straightforward in this case, there are only 13 settlement with pop >1000, the majority of which can only be accessed by air or sea, so the boundary can be just a circle.

Yeah, it looks like the original import brought cities into CityStrides in an odd way. The region boundaries don’t correspond with the city boundaries … you can zoom into the Nuuk area of this query to see that - overpass turbo

You can also see the different borders in this specific view: Relation: ‪Qeqqata‬ (‪8514368‬) | OpenStreetMap

Can you figure out how to do that? It sounds relatively easy the way you describe. But I can’t really figure out OpenStreetMap, so any help would be really great!

I had a go at creating a boundary for Nuuk. Could you have a look here? Relation: 16207523 | OpenStreetMap. There’s probably room for improvement as far as the tagging is concerned, but it should be importable for CS purposes…

Looks good to me! :hugs: Thanks!

Lets se if @JamesChevalier can import it…

Hey @JamesChevalier !

Have you seen the relation, that @8f7162110d9eeaf907ab has made for Nuuk? Is it possible to import that to CityStrides?

Or do you want me to add it in the spreadsheet? :slight_smile:

Odd… The Relation record that was created doesn’t result in any streets being returned by Overpass, but the Way record does. If I were to use the Way record, I’d need it tagged with a name (and I notice the Relation only has a name:en tag and is missing a name tag).

I’m hesitant about using the Relation at all, since I’m not sure how other OSM mappers are going to feel about that type of record for an arbitrary circle. Some editors seem to be very particular around relations and admin_level tags. :sweat_smile:

Do you require the relation to have an admin_level tag?

Only for bulk imports, where I run against either a Country or Region and grab everything at e.g. admin level 8 for cities. Otherwise, I just need a Relation or Way record in OSM that I do a one-off import for.

I edited the relation to give it a name tag, and removed the admin level so as not to step on anyone’s toes :sweat_smile:

Lets hope it works!

I don’t know how, I don’t know why… But this actually works now :smiley: