City and Street progress missing

Same issue over here: marc janssen - CityStrides

No rush!

Hi James, my last two activities are well logged but all the previous ones are lost. Only my lifetime map looks keeping a track of them.

Yeah, sorry - it’s a known issue City and Street progress missing
I’m working through accounts now - looks like about 9k left. :flushed:

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I’m another one with no street data anymore :frowning:

Another one with no street data anymore… Tel Aviv :slight_smile:

Thread has grown - time for another copy/paste:

Just another quick update…

If you are a Subscriber or Supporter and your progress isn’t up to date, click the ‘Message’ button from here and let me know so I can get your account fixed.

I’m working through all of the rest of the accounts now. I can’t afford to keep a lot of high powered servers running, so this will take some time. I’m watching incoming contributions, figuring out how many server hours they account for, and increasing my capacity at a break even pace. So if you want to contribute to this project, now’s the time. :smile:

I’ll post again when I’m completely done, to make sure nothing was missed.



I recently logged on to the website and saw that all my progress on every city (and all my leaderboard entries) had been reset to zero! My LifeMap still seems up to date though.

What could have caused that?

M Murphy

Sorry! Known issue that I’m working on: City and Street progress missing - #134 by JamesChevalier
Thanks for your patience!

Hi James,

My cities are also gone. I finished my hometown Basel and some suburbian towns. But It shows nothing anymore. Also the suburban towns are not even there anymore. Thanks for looking into this.

Cheers and happy weekend

Hello and thank you for suburbs added in the Rochester, NY area! So excited!
My Lifemap still looks good, but the percntage for Rochester is displaying as lower now, and my Brighton percentage should be close to 100%.
Looks as though others had same issue but I couldn’t access the replies. (I’m not great with tech like this.)

Yeah, it’s a known issue: City and Street progress missing - #134 by JamesChevalier
Your account is in the next batch :+1:

I’m going to move this post over into that thread now. :rocket:

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Hey James,
Same issue with my percentage dropping and also missing some runs from September. Had a target of getting to 40% for my Region by end of year and would love to know where I’m at.

Same issue with my percentage. Lost all progress a month or so ago, but the LifeMap is still accurate. New runs are recording properly.

Thanks for the hard work on the fix.

Hi! Thank you for working hard on these issues! Do you have any idea how long it will take before my stats are fixed? Ive been checking it for a while but my account still has the same issues. Hard to keep track of the progress youre making :slight_smile:

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Hi James, thanks for your help! I just uploaded another run, but I am still not seeing my percentages update from my prior runs? I had close to 100 percent for several towns, which are now still showing as 0 percent.

Yeah, it’s a known issue: City and Street progress missing - #134 by JamesChevalier
Your account is in the next batch :+1:

I’m going to move this post over into that thread now. :rocket:

Hello James,
I have no credit card to support your great work. Is it possible to contribute with Apple ID?
And if possible, could you give my account a chance in one of the upcoming batches? I’ve lost everything (%) in the last major update. I know you’re working on it.

Hi @JamesChevalier. I recently noticed that all while my LifeMap looks accurate and up to date, I used to have about 25% of San Francisco complete and now it says I am just 0.5% complete. Do you know why that would be? Thanks.

It is a known issue, see this long thread:


Bribe money headed your way :wink: Can you bump my wife (Kimberly Phillips) and I (Isaac Phillips) towards the top of your list? Our progress %'s have been down for months now. I know you are swamped


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