City and Street progress missing

Thanks James for all of your work (and long hours) on this You had said that all subscribers and supporters should be fixed, but like many others, my page still shows my actually completed streets as incomplete. My user ID # is 8595 the link is Thanks for all you do … Ron Adams

Until today, I had completed about 17% of Baltimore and my list of cities where I had completed streets was quite long. When I logged in today, it only shows me having completed about 25 streets across four cities. All of my activities are still showing up, and if I look at my Lifemap, it looks like everything is still there. When I search cities for Baltimore, it doesn’t even show up anymore. Did a lot of cities just disappear from CityStrides?

I have the same problem, last 5 runs are showing streets completed and progressed, the rest before that all showing 0 streets. Life map all there, I’m just 700+ streets missing from the total. Hoping there is a simple fix as I love this website!


Thanks @rus.golden would you mind messaging me your user I’d here in the forum?

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Hello @JamesChevalier (and everyone). This is just a quick note to say that I seem to be affected by this issue. My profile only shows miniscule fractions of the cities I’ve run as ‘complete’ but the lifemap still has all the good purple lines. I’m a subscriber, but a relatively recent user. When I originally joined, all my historical Strava data was imported and I was showing decent percentages complete for multiple London Boroughs. Now I only seem to have newly completed streets showing in the percentage stats. I hope this is useful info. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Just another quick update…

If you are a Subscriber or Supporter and your progress isn’t up to date, click the ‘Message’ button from here and let me know so I can get your account fixed.

I’m working through all of the rest of the accounts now. I can’t afford to keep a lot of high powered servers running, so this will take some time. I’m watching incoming contributions, figuring out how many server hours they account for, and increasing my capacity at a break even pace. So if you want to contribute to this project, now’s the time. :smile:

I’ll post again when I’m completely done, to make sure nothing was missed.

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I’m a subscriber (s you’ve seen from my post above!) but I don’t see the ‘message’ option when I follow the link to your profile. Sorry.

Ah, there was a setting in here that only let a certain user level send messages … I just decreased that so people should be able to send messages. Sorry for the trouble. I’ve got your account going now - this process can take hours, so thanks for your patience!

Anyone just coming into this thread, please scroll up two messages to read my Just another quick update... post. :+1:

Are you saying if i donate 10 dollars now i have my account synced in 24 hours? :grin::heavy_dollar_sign:

lol almost, kind of, in a way, yeah …
I’m prioritizing supporters, so that puts you ahead of thousands of other accounts. More contributions also help the overall speed, because I’m able to run more job servers and a larger database (database size increases are much more expensive, though, so that doesn’t happen much).

10 paid, keep it going! Citystrides 4 life

Yes, I thought I had included it before… User ID 8004…


I have viewed the map and it shows the streets , but my individual runs with streets are still not showing. I am also showing low percent complete for cities I have completed 100 percent.

Yeah, sorry - known issue … working on it now - your account should be fixed up by sometime tomorrow.

Dear James, all my data is not shown in the profile. The heatmap shows all activities correct. Can you please check my account.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards Thomas

Yeah, sorry - it’s a known issue City and Street progress missing

Would you mind sending me a direct message with your user ID? Details are in that link.

Same issue over here:

No rush!

Hi James, my last two activities are well logged but all the previous ones are lost. Only my lifetime map looks keeping a track of them.