City added, but no streets loaded

Thank you for adding a number of cities in Southern New Jersey.

Washington Township (Gloucester County), NJ was added, but no streets loaded.

The surrounding townships seem to not have any issues.


The CS page. Seems it does list 66 pages of streets, but the total count for the city shows 0. The ranking of striders is also random, presumably due to it trying to sort by percentage, but the total street count ruins the percentage too. Probably just a refresh necessary by @JamesChevalier (or waiting around for the next time it shows up in the queue).

Thank you for the help.

Interestingly, I recognized your name from some of my cities in New Jersey. You are #2 on the Egg Harbor City page!


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Thanks for sharing the extra details about the street list … I’ve been running updates over and over, watching the “0” in the tab and not looking at the actual list :person_facepalming:

I’ve updated the count, and also each of the user stats.

Hah, yes, I stayed in an Airbnb there years ago to visit some people nearby. Couldn’t help myself and ran up and down the streets :stuck_out_tongue: (also the winery nearby)