Cities in Colombia appearing twice

There are at least two duplicates in CityStrides for Colombian cities.

name admin_level CS OSM CS Region
Bogotá Distrito Capital - Municipio 6 247071 1387968 Bogotá, Distrito Capital
Bogotá 7 46528 7426387 Distrito Capital
Soacha 6 247684 1413196 Cundinamarca
Soacha 6 46523 1413196 Distrito Capital
  • As far as I can tell (I am not a local), the ones in the “Distrito Capital” region are incorrect and should simply be removed from CS. The region “Distrito Capital” can be removed too.
  • Bogotá does seem to have partitions at admin_level 8, so those could potentially be added to Bogotá Distrito Capital - Municipio as nested cities.
  • For styling, it could be possible to rename the remaining “Bogotá Distrito Capital - Municipio” just “Bogotá” and the “Bogotá, Distrito Capital” to just “Distrito Capital”.
  • General remark: a region’s page could do with borders on its map as well as a link to the OSM entity it is based off of (if any).

This is funky™

The region “Distrito Capital” is definitely incorrect. I created Colombia regions from admin level 4, which would be Relation: ‪Bogotá, Distrito Capital‬ (‪12893646‬) | OpenStreetMap
I started cleanup work by moving the cities in that region over to Bogotá, Distrito Capital, Colombia - CityStrides
Then I deleted Soacha from Bogotá, Distrito Capital because it’s really in Cundinamarca

Some randomly selected admin level 8 places (from overpass turbo) are:

I’d really like someone l local to chime in on whether that admin level 8 is a suitable candidate for being added as nested cities to Bogotá Distrito Capital - Municipio, Bogotá, Distrito Capital - CityStrides … or if they should be left out and Bogotá, Bogotá, Distrito Capital - CityStrides should be the one nested city.
It seems to me like that existing Bogotá isn’t super useful, because it only has ~100 streets less than the larger one.

I’m less inclined to update/customize naming, because that’s been pulled from OSM data. I don’t want to head down the road of custom names in CityStrides that differ from OSM.

As far as the region pages go, I actually didn’t save much data for regions from OSM. I’ll have to go back and re-collect data to make any of those requests possible. If you feel strongly about the idea, I’d suggest adding it to Ideas as a new post.

Edit: Un-marking this as resolved since I don’t have a solid answer on admin level 8 vs existing Bogotá

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