China admin level

I gladly noticed that China has been added recently. Many new “cities” suddenly appeared in my profile from past activities. In fact, too many, because the admin level used is probably too low. It corresponds to neighborhoods. I think the right level should be one or two above. One above might be better. It would correspond to districts. Two above would give you cities that people are more likely to know about, but I suspect they might cover too much area including surrounding suburbs or even villages.
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Do the cities in this region look better than the others? 澳門 Macau, 中国 - CityStrides

It would help if you could review this collection of admin level 5 (two levels up from the existing 8) overpass turbo you’ll need to click the top left Run button, accept the large amount of data, and then click the magnifying glass button on the map … this brings in places like:

Similarly, this is admin level 6: overpass turbo which brings in places like:

One of the two options above is going to be way better for me (I can fully switch over the entire country from using 8 to 5 or 6), but if that region happens to be outside of your knowledge these steps can help you get to the data another way:

  • Visit a city that’s in CityStrides now which is too small & you have an idea of what higher level city might be more appropriate
  • Click the three vertical dot menu & choose OpenStreetMap
  • Zoom in very close within the city borders
  • Right click and choose “Query features”
  • Scroll down the left panel to the “Enclosing features” section
  • Copy the link for the more correct city
    • Sometimes you can view the list and immediately know, so you can copy the link directly from the list
    • Other times it’s not so obvious, so you can open the places in new tabs to view them and make a decision

I tried a couple of provinces, and level 6 looks great. As suspected, level 5 is too big and often combines urban and rural areas. Thanks so much!

Thanks for helping out!
I’m probably going to take a ‘dirty’ approach to cleaning this up, by first deleting the existing cities and then creating the new correct-level cities. This will likely take some time, but it’ll be much easier for me to manage.

Oh, I’d also like to clarify these two regions since they stand out:

Are the cities in these regions ok? I suspect they are, because they’re admin level 6, but I’d like to be sure.

Macau is really small. It probably makes sense to have one city cover the whole region. The current division for Hong Kong looks fine. It is roughly comparable to NYC (all 5 boroughs). You can either make it one city or multiple districts.