Checkbox to show or hide activities


It would be fancy feature to have an checkbox to show/hide activities. At least I have years of Garmin and Strava history, so I would find it valuable to hide some activities from my run-every-single-street.

I do run a lot in trails and sea ice, also do some orienteering. Also a years of history on streets. So my LifeMap will be a bit of a mess :slight_smile:.

For example by default, all synched activities would be counted. But then it would be super easy to uncheck activity and it would not contaminate data.

Good app/idea you have in anycase :slight_smile:

– Jaakko

Hey Jaakko,

First of, not sure if “sea ice”, and “orienteering” are actual Garmin/Strava/etc activity types you’re choosing or just descriptions of your activities on foot. To first clarify which activities are imported to CityStrides, I believe this thread has the most up-to-date list:

Next, the functionality you are describing does indeed exist - CityStrides does by default pull all activities in, then you have the option to subsequently delete the ones you don’t want from CityStrides. They can be manually added back later if desired.

Basic workflow:

  • Perform all your activities
  • CityStrides automatically updates your LifeMap
  • Review your LifeMap periodically and assess if some activities do not meet your desired aesthetic
  • Delete select activities

Recognize this is not exactly what you’re describing but think it’s very close.

Yes, this would be possible by manually altering (deleting) the activities. Downside here is that then those deleted ones are completely lost on Citystrides. It would be sometimes nice to see them all, and sometimes only the filtered (clean) list of activities. Maybe two accounts would be an option too.

I do record all running related activities as “running”. Trail, ice, road, track, offroad, orienteering etc. Walking the same, no matter what the purpose has been; walking, hiking, cherry-picking, serious sightseeing :slight_smile:

Yeah, I strongly advise against deleting activities - especially if they’re sourced from Garmin. It’s very likely that the Garmin-sourced activities will never be accessible again, so you wouldn’t be able to change your mind in the future.