Changing duplicate street names in OSM

In Derry, NH there are streets which have the names Lane 1, Lane 2, Lane 3, etc in a development called Chases Grove and the same street names are used in another development called Collettes Grove.
CityStrides only sees a single street for each but I would have to run both physical locations in order for CityStrides to mark it as “complete”.
Is it ok to change a street name in OSM? i.e change one Lane 2 to “Lane 2 Collettes Grove” and the other to “Lane 2 Chases Grove”? I am not sure if it’s best practice to change street names in OSM. Any thoughts?

I have found 430 street names used several times in my home town so far. These 430 names man at least 1366 streets indeed, the record being 1 name used 24 times in the same town! :scream: Because of this, I understand your issue quite well.
That being said, I don’t like your idea to change street names in OSM at all since OSM is not solely use for CityStrides but for many other projects, websites, apps…

Solution 1: If the number of streets is not that high, I think you will be fine with 1 or 2 runs in Collettes Grove. :wink:
Solution 2: I think that @JamesChevalier can figure out a solution (since others have) so let’s hope it will be on his roadmap at some point.

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Is it ok to change a street name in OSM? i.e change one Lane 2 to “Lane 2 Collettes Grove” and the other to “Lane 2 Chases Grove”?

That is very much NOT ok… if they’ve really got the same name then they should have the same name. Don’t hack OSM to make something happen in CityStrides.


Wow, I guess I would rather have my problem! :hushed: I feel bad for the delivery person that has to figure out which is the correct street. :exploding_head:

They really are two different streets in my case, but it would look odd to have “Lane 1” listed twice in the street list in CityStrides. I guess I am not too concerned since I can still complete the town. I just wanted to get some opinions on how we should handle a case like this. You have confirmed what I was thinking; that we should not mess with the street names in OSM.

This also happens with “real” streets sometimes. :roll_eyes: I learned recently that Boston MA has three different Cambridge Streets.

@JamesChevalier Brisbane, Australia continues to be a problem… With 13,411 streets in the city boundary, there are many, MANY duplicate streets. Such as Barker Street (see image). what can I do? This partly explains why I have ZERO completed streets reported!

Note, 2 of those streets are less than 1km apart (albeit separated by a river). The one common thing is that I’m sure duplicate street names will NEVER be in the same suburb.