Change Strava syncing to bulk sync instead of individual activity sync

How does the Strava historical import work? Can it be used to clear up some of the current backlog?

What I’m thinking of if it’s possible to use the historical import (one API call imports up to one hundred activities) instead of the normal one activity per API call. For example, I’ve currently got four activities waiting for import. If you were able to request all four with a historical call, you’d save three API calls over doing them separately.

Heck, as long as the backlog is large, you could import nonsupporters on a weekly basis and supporters on a daily basis. I don’t (generally) have more than one activity per day, but there are hard core runners out there generating multiple activities per day.

Personally, I think direct Garmin integration is a better solution, but not knowing how hard it is to work with their API, this might be an easier solution for you to implement.

A bit of a work-in-progress, but: How Syncing Works