Change percentile stat

I currently have a percentile of 97%. I realize this means I have more total streets then 97% of all users. Wouldn’t it make more sense to “invert” this? As in, I’m in the top 3% of all users. I think I’ve only ever seen the inverted version of this on online leaderboards etc. throughout the years. Could be I’ve just missed it elsewhere and it makes perfect sense to keep it as it is.


I use PostgreSQL’s PERCENT_RANK to calculate this value. This ranges from 0 to 1. I multiply the result by 100 to get the 0% → 50% → 100% result.
The issue seems to be that I’m displaying percentile, as opposed to percentage. :nerd_face: Maybe question comes down to “Do you want to chase after 0 or 100?” :rofl:

I think I can flip it by subtracting the existing percentile from 100 and adjusting the phrasing on the site.

Expanding on the display side of this - I’d probably want to flip the phrasing at the 50% point … e.g. top 40% → (mid?) 50% → bottom 60%

I like it how it is. Test scores, baby weights, etc all refer to being in the 99th percentile (on down)

Maybe I just don’t like change, though :wink: