Change in how cemeteries are handled?

In the recent updates for Cambridge and Medford (both in MA), three different cemeteries have had their “streets” added to CityStrides.

Has anyone else noticed cemeteries suddenly appearing? I’m wondering if there has been a site change, a systemic OSM change, or if some Massachusetts local decided to change these particular ones.

If you give a link to some if the cemeteries we can check the OSM entries to see if anything has changed

Oak Grove Cemetery

Cambridge Cemetery (There are two adjacent cemeteries there. Cambridge Cemetery is the one between Coolidge Avenue and the river. Mount Auburn Cemetery is the other one, and its “streets” were already included in CityStrides.)

Belmont Cemetery

Any insight is appreciated! I am OK with making minor OSM edits, but don’t really know how to do what you are proposing.

Can you also give a link to one new street (in CS) in each cemetery?

Oak Grove: Armstrong

Cambridge: Crescent Ave

Belmont: Norton Circle

OK, the reason these streets have now appeared in CS is that they previously did not have a name entered in OSM. Recently someone has entered their names in OSM, that’s why they now have been imported to CS

Thanks for your investigative work! I appreciate it.

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