Challenge for charity

I have been running all the streets in my city of Portland Maine as a fundraiser for our local food bank ( that supports feeding kids who have been displaced from their reliable and now unavailable food lunch programs). The intent here is dual purpose - gets me out on the road for more exercise, but also gets me running for a purpose.

My question is three-fold.
1.) How do I start a challenge like this through on your page?
2.) Does CityStrides encourage this sort of thing on its page? Can I link a donate button to this?
3.) Is there a way to invite others into this (assuming this is do-able)?

I will say that I have been enjoying this program of yours! Great idea, and well crafted. Is there an app of it? I tend to have to work through the website always.


I don’t have “private” Challenges yet, but it is my intention to eventually allow people to create their own Challenges and also choose to have those personal Challenges be public or private.

This is a new addition to the idea of Challenges, and I haven’t given it any thought yet. I expect that the initial release of personal Challenges will allow you to provide a title and description, with no “rules” for what can be included in the description. I don’t know if I’ll learn that I need rules - we’ll all find that out together. :smile:

Yeah, I expect I’ll include the ability to allow others to join your Challenge. Originally, I figured that was the public/private selection - but now I’m seeing that you could want a Challenge to be public (people can see that you are doing this thing) but you would not want to allow people to join (look at me to this thing vs look at us do this thing).
There’s also another request that I’ve received, for collective Challenges. The idea there is that a group of people are trying to complete a city together so if PersonA completes StreetA and PersonB completes StreetB then the entire group has collectively completed both StreetA & StreetB.

There’s no app, yet: Create a CityStrides app