Cemetary streets

I noticed three towns I thought I had completed now have incomplete streets. When I checked almost all of these are cemetary streets. I am quite sure they were not on the list when I first ran every street in those towns. Did something change with the algorithm. Are cemetary streets city streets?

If you are referring to some streets in Lower Merion Township, an OSM user added names to some of the roads within a cemetery on Jan. 18th, 2023. For example, the history for one of the roads can be seen at Way History: ‪Bridge Road‬ (‪258195853‬) | OpenStreetMap

CityStrides doesn’t really have a concept of what a cemetery is. It’s main criteria are:

  1. looking for certain types of roads (ex: residential roads describe roads where there are a lot of residential properties, service roads are the minor roads that may lead to a building, park, etc). A full list of the road types included in CityStrides and those ignored can be seen here.

  2. The road has a name in OSM.

I’m unsure when you ran in the area of this cemetery but if it was before Jan. 18th, 2023, they would not have appeared in CityStrides then because they didn’t have a name entered in OSM. Lower Merion Township was recently updated on March 27th in CityStrides. This means when that OSM user added names to the roads on Jan. 18th, these roads were picked up in the March 27th CityStrides update.

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Thanks so much for the info. Explains a lot and why some other places suddenly have new streets. I hate running in cemeteries because I always get lost. This is a huge cemetery and the streets all cris cross in a very confusing matter but I will probably do them (it is a very pretty cemetery.) I appreciate your quick, thorough response.

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