Cemetary Roads

I just completed running every street in Marple Township, Pennsylvania. Among the streets shown to be completed were ones in a small local cemetary. In the towns I have completed I never been asked to run streets in a cemetary. In Marple this is a very large cemetary none of those roads were listed. Another strange quirk in Marple is that there was a list of “Access” roads. These are named roads and none seemed to public. One was gated and marked no trespass so I marked it manually done. Why did these show? Just curious.


Citystrides takes the data about streets and nodes from OpenStreetMap (OSM) and applies a filter to determine which ones should be included as runnable in CS. Since OSM is a collaborative project there isn’t 100% consistency in the way different areas are modeled. It’s possible that someone gave the cemetery roads in Marple Township an access tag that has them included, whereas that tag is not present for those in the cities you already completed.

The good news is that since OSM is a collaborative platform you can go fix stuff that’s incorrect yourself. For example, adding a gate and setting access to private is pretty straightforward (for more detail see here). Changes you make in OSM will be reflected in CS when the city is updated (happens roughly every 4-6 weeks).

Looking at this in OSM several service roads in the cemetery have been given the names ”Access road”. This is probably wrong, maybe access road belongs in the description field?