CAT Scale in OSM

Way: ‪CAT Scale‬ (‪1146744069‬) | OpenStreetMap

I just noticed this scale show as a street in CS and am wondering the correct way to edit it so that it doesn’t show as a street without messing up the reason someone added it for trucking purposes. I’m not sure a private tag would apply because it’s attached to a truck stop and usable by truckers. Customers only, if I recall properly, wouldn’t remove it from CS usage correct?

Do other “CAT Scale” records in OSM have a name? If not, dropping the name would be enough.

Here’s the street query CityStrides uses, for reference.

Way: ‪CAT Scale‬ (‪1008044595‬) | OpenStreetMap

I found another one nearby in Maine that is named and ended up removing both of them. It throws up this interesting flag that I imagine will get someone else to re-edit it back at some point.

This is a CityStrides problem.

This is a CityStrides problem.

This is a CityStrides problem.

Please do not edit OpenStreetMap to work around your needs on this website. OpenStreetMap defines their schema, we (CityStrides) need to adapt our processing to fit them. This “interesting flag” the editor gave you should have been enough of an indication that your edit goes against the grain. I have readded the name.

What should happen is for @JamesChevalier to make his Overpass query ignore amenity=weighbridge.

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I can definitely add that to the query.

Leading up to that alert, I’m surprised these have / are expected to have names. But yeah, that alert should have stopped the edit.
I wonder if things would have gone differently if the “ignore” option was removed or if it also directed the editor to one of the community outlets (forum/slack/discord) for input. If I have some spare time ( :rofl: ) I’ll check that out.

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I’m being jokingly pedantic right now (the query is already updated with this new addition, though not yet released). I’m not sincerely suggesting this, just having a bit of fun.

I notice that Tag:amenity=weighbridge - OpenStreetMap Wiki says:

Set a node on the highway and add

Which suggests that this tag isn’t appropriate for Way records, so it should be deleted and replaced with a Node. :smiling_imp: :rofl:

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I approve of pedantry! For tags we are unfamiliar with, checking the wiki or is a great habit to develop.

Edit to add: taginfo (wiki sidebar) shows 4500 on nodes and 2200 on ways so idk if there is consensus on it only being nodes.