Can not connect with runkeeper

It shows immediately the error:

Not found. Authentication passthru.

Same issue, but I’m trying to add Strava.

:thinking: logins are working ok for me … I do see some error reporting on this, though - the errors I’m seeing are usually related to the website being updated but the local pages not reflecting the updates yet (e.g. I’ve released a new version, but the version in your browser is old). I’ve seen this error appear more often lately, but haven’t been able to sort out exactly what’s going on…

@Bern & @algstevens can you try refreshing the CityStrides sign in page while holding the shift key down (ugh, I am assuming you’re on a desktop, sorry)?

If that fails, can you try in a private browser window?

@Bern & @algstevens … can you try again? I thought you were trying to log into CityStrides, but based on another reported issue it sounds more like you were trying to connect Runkeeper/Strava to an existing CityStrides account in your settings. I think I fixed the bug with that.

Sorry for delay. Insane working life in the week. I have now tried again and did not get the error message so am hopeful all my runs etc will be synced after a little while. Thank you so much.
I’ll get back to you with the outcome once I know it!

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Ok, I can now see either Strava or Garmin. As the issue was that I wanted to upload a run only recorded on Strava, I have tried uploading that as a single activity, but a few hours on, it only appears when I am showing Strava data. Maybe that’s how the system is designed, in which case fair enough: it’s good fun! But if it’s my technical incompetence, let me know how to improve, please! Thanks.

I’m not exactly following along with what you have, what you’re experiencing, and what you want.

It sounds like you have both Strava and Garmin connected to a single CityStrides account. I’m unsure if you have either of those services paused in your settings - pausing a service will block its syncing.

It sounds like you do not want to sync activities from Garmin. If you don’t want any activities from Garmin, you can revoke access from Garmin’s side to delete all that data in CityStrides. If you want to keep some of its activities in CityStrides, then your best approach is to pause it in your settings page.

Let me know if that helps. If it doesn’t, I’ll need some more info around what you have / what you’re experiencing / what you want.