Boundary striders?

So I saw a chap on Twitter last night who after completing his every street challenge then ran the entire boundary of his city. Sticking to roads inside the city. I think I might try the same. Has anybody else tried it? Just mapped it out roughly using the ace new route plan tool, for me it’s about 38 miles

Interesting, I live on an island, Lidingö in Sweden. I have a plan to run as close to the shoreline as possible, that will include a lot of trails and cycleways, but I estimate it to be a marathon distance. Running only streets instead would be something to try also!

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Thinking about this too, and a running club in my city has already mapped it all out and has been trialling it over the past few months so there’s a ready made route for me!

Only a wee 68 miles too - easy!


Cool idea.

I think if I had a new, never strided city, I would start by doing this!