Blue nodes on a run

Hi! So I did a run today as I have done so many times before. Started the watch on mode running and just do the run.

When I checked CityStrides hours later the run was synced but all I see are blue nodes. As I haven’t changed anything here or at Garmin I am wondering why the nodes aren’t green/red. I ran in a city I haven’t run in before but I have lots and lots of that in the last year. :running_man:

Where did it go wrong? :thinking:
(and one street is totally missing but I’ll wait for that when this issue is resolved)
(I set this activity on Everyone normally all activities are set private)

I think blue nodes means your browser is not logged into CS.

I believe I have seen this when I follow a link and it opens in a different browser… one that is not logged into CS.

I am logged into CS, checked it with another run in new area that has no problems

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OK, got it! There was an -or- I had forgot about!


It looks like you’ve got this activity which went into a new city & that city hasn’t been added to your list yet. That job is in a slow queue that’s currently backed up by about an hour. I don’t show that on the status page because it handles an odd collection of jobs (which I really need to separate/clean up).

I expect that Zoetermeer, Zuid-Holland - CityStrides will appear in your list of running cities on your profile page and those nodes will go from blue to either red or green … maybe in an hour or so.

Let me know if it doesn’t get sorted out around then.