Belgium regions need cleanup

There is a problem for Belgium which I noticed when you processed the data, resulting in double-counting of streets and some cities appearing twice as they are by mistake a part of 2 different overlapping regions.

There are only 3 regions in Belgium: Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels-Capital.
On top of those you have also 2 others, which should be deleted:
“Brussels-Capital - Flemish Region” (record 120 on Full County/Region list)
“Wallonia (French Community)” (record 123 there)

The former of those 2 superfluous regions do not seem to create any problems (either it is empty, or not yet processed) but the later, Wallonia (French community) seems to be just a copy of Wallonia - which results in double counting of the number of streets - see e.g. my activity [Krzysztof Kasprzyk's Activity on September 29, 2019 - CityStrides] for such an example, or my profile where all cities in Wallonia appear twice.

(If you are curious: there is a reason for such confusion - as in Belgium, in parallel to the regional partition (every town belongs to one and only one region), there is a division into 3 “communities” (on top of those 2 extra ones, there is also a tiny German-speaking one which is missing from your list) - which overlap in various ways (a town may belong to 2 communities at the same time). it is possible that in Open Maps record 120 is just a sum of Flanders and Brussels - while the “Wallonia (French community)” is a sum of Wallonia and Brussels - but that reflects a different concept of ‘community’ - Belgium is complicated :-). But from Citystrides point of view just overlaps with the basic territorial division into 3 regions.

Here’s the full list of current regions in Belgium:

So it sounds like Wallonie (Communauté française) can be deleted as a duplicate of Wallonie.

I’m unsure if anything is wrong with Région de Bruxelles-Capitale - Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest - that looks right to me. Can you clarify this, if I have to do anything?

3 times YES:

  • 'Wallonie (Communauté française)should be deleted as a duplicate of Wallonie`
  • There is already Nordrhein-Westfalen in Germany, so you can delete the non-existing Belgian one (I did run a few towns there and now they show as duplicates)
  • There is nothing wrong with with Région de Bruxelles-Capitale - Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest (the new data now includes all 19 municipalities - so the one missing until now has been added :slight_smile:)

I love it when a problem is resolved by deleting a few things. :smile:

Not too bothered about this, but just letting you know that the cities that I ran in Wallonie are showing up twice in my profile.
Once as Wallonie and once as Wallonië (Communauté française ).
Thanks !