Beginners, how to use CityStrides

Thanks for this great tool, to get to know cities, be motivated to run, more.
I am new user but I want to start 2020 doing it right . Questions:

  • Is there a document, video or similar for beginners to learn how to use CityStrides?
  • How do I set what cities to track? I travel much, does it automatically mark all cities or the ones I ask for? If that is the case, how to set a specific city,
  • Can the Streets ‘follow’ of a city be done as of a specific date, such as January 1st?
  • If I live in a big city, can I specify an area to do over x period? Such as a 2020 goal?
  • Do I need to open the page each time to see movement or is there an App?
    Gil Penalosa, +1-416-399-2550
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Check out this thread for the answer to a few of your questions Time based filtering and challenges

It does automatically figure out which cities you’re running.

There’s no app yet - you’ll have to visit this site to se progress.

Thanks James. Useful information.
However I still do not know how to set just 2020 runs?
Also, is there a way to see past runs such as all 2019 which I have in Garmin?
Finally, can you split a city and just have a section as goal?

The time-based idea (just 2020 runs, etc) is here: Time based filtering and challenges

There’s no way to do city-section goals (yet?) - I’d suggest adding that to the #ideas category. I would need to do some serious thinking on if that would be possible.

Hi Gil,
Have you made any progress.
I am afraid I am about to give up, I can’t get to save any of my progress.

I am on safari and using mapmyfitness.

Hope you having more success than me.