Badges for milestones

Maybe something based on orders of magnitude could be interesting? complete a city with <10 streets, get a level 1 badge, complete a city with <100 for level 2, etc. This would be a good incentive to do something with the long tail of low-completion cities most striders seem to have, and the badges could also be displayed on the user card for extra street cred.

Edit: since this has been split into its own topic I wanted to add that the badge on the name card for completing a city is the main idea. It would be cool to see who has already completed cities without having to dig into their profile, and having different tiers would also show the difficulty of the projects.

I extracted this idea out of the other idea for Time-based challenges because it stands on its own - outside of the timeframe limitation. :+1:
I like this idea, too … it’s kind of similar to what this forum software has built in, where the more you interact within the forum the more badges you receive.

update: I think I prefer the term “Achievements” over “Badges”, after thinking about it a bit


Found this as I was looking for something I thought I had seen before… Something along the line of a “First to complete badge”, and perhaps also badges for who was 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. Just finished my 2nd city, St. Pete Beach, and was the first to do it. Also was first to complete Keller, TX, but that one is waiting for the next OSM update to show 100%.

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Check out smashrun for this idea. they have a LOT of ‘badges’. I have had quite good times chasing a lot of them over there


Garmin does a pretty extensive job with badges too. Hopefully this link works - (to the badges page, as it’s showing my badges)

I added my CS badge idea here: First, second, third, etc. city completion badge

Getting things started in the latest release… Updates on August 25, 2022 (Release 610)

I think “progressive” badges would make a lot of sense. You would just keep the highest tier of the badge you earned on your profile. So instead of having both the 1 year and 2 year badges, you’d just have the 2 year one.

Some ideas (names and thresholds are welcome to be changed):

  • Node Connoisseur - Completed a street with [100, 200, 300, etc.] nodes.
  • Day Tripper - Completed [10, 20, 30, etc.] streets in a single activity.
  • World Traveler - Completed a street in [2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50] different countries.
  • Striding State of Mind - Completed a street in [2, 5, 10, 25, 50] different US states.
  • City Mapper - Completed [2, 5, 10, 15, 20] different cities.
  • CityStrider - Completed at least 10 streets in [2, 5, 10, 15, etc.] different cities.
  • Top [x] - Hit number [1, 10, etc.] on the leaderboard.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Strider-man - Added [1, 2, 5, etc.] friends.

And for some that should be kept individually:

  • Villager - Completed a city with under 25 streets.
  • Townsperson - Completed a city with between 25-99 streets.
  • Commoner - Completed a city with between 100-249 streets.
  • Denizen - Completed a city with between 250-499 streets.
  • Dweller - Completed a city with between 500-999 streets.
  • Citizen - Completed a city with between 1,000-1,999 streets.
  • Urbanite - Completed a city with between 2,000-3,999 streets.
  • Metropolitan - Completed a city with over 4000 streets

I thought about this quite a bit… I decided to start off with individual badges, and then see what happens as I add more. I can definitely see the use of “levels” where each time you earn the badge you move up a level.

Loving these badge ideas - thanks!
One stumbling point I have is trying to figure out good milestones … There’s a world of difference between the people at the top of Leaderboard - CityStrides and most other people. :sweat_smile:
Maybe that’s where the “levels” come into play, though … get the badge every e.g. 100 completed streets, and some people are just on level nine million :laughing:

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Love the SmashRun badges. Best part is the little story that goes with them :grinning:



@JamesChevalier - is there someplace I am missing where I can go to a page that just shows me the badges I have earned and their dates?

OK. I found it

But it was a round-about way to get there by having to find the little badges area under stats on my profile page, then clicking the “see all” button.

I might suggest something on that page that tells me my completion date as well.

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One more idea for have badges, one for every 1000 streets completed. 1K / 2K / 3K etc…


Can we have a badge for 100% completion of a City when Mode is set to Hard? I’ve earnt the 100% completion for the City, but have now enabled Hard Mode to get the 100% the ‘Proper’ Way! 13 Streets & I’ll have it done :rofl:


I like @mrquartz7’s badge idea, but I don’t think it needs to have hard mode explicitly turned on. I do all my cities 100% (of the nodes). Only one of my previously completed cities is not 100%, due to some recent edits. I’ll be back there later this month, and will capture those new nodes, and start a new beach city.

There’s already a badge for 100%, this was as an extra for those of us that have Hard mode switched on :slight_smile:

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@mrquartz7 Ah, I get it now. Thank you

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No worries, was unsure if you were aware or not there was an existing one :slight_smile:

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Hope to see more badges, good list in this thread. «Complete a street consisting of X nodes» could also be a fun challenge

Would be nice with a list showing all available badges achieved or not

That page is linked from the top left menu, but it needs a lot of design work

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Unlike tying any of the leaderboards or competitive stuff to nodes, I think it’s harmless to have node-based badges and even kind of fun. Incentivize folks who live in grid places to go find a long curvy road (or a short one with a lot of nodes heh). Great ideas!

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