Are city boundaries required to complete a city? Not lazy, just curious😀

Are city boundaries required to complete a city? Pasadena CA is big. Not lazy, just curious😀.

I’m not quite certain what you mean. You don’t need to literally run along the boundary. To complete a city, you need to complete all streets. To complete a street, you need to capture 90% of the nodes that define that street. (Nodes are captured when your GPS trace gets close enough to them.)

For streets that cross boundaries between cities, there is often a node right at the boundary. But, if the city boundary goes through some woods, for example, you won’t need to go in there to travel the boundary.

Did that answer your question?

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Hi, I think that does answer my question. I am asking if I have to run the perimeter of the city. From what you said, I do not. Is that correct? Many thanks!

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Correct. You do not need to run the literal perimeter.


Great! I’ve wonder for awhile. Thanks!

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We just finished Peoria, IL and our stat is at 100% and we didn’t run the border. :slight_smile: